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BESS and Supercapacitors provide uninterruptible power supplies with an effective stored energy resource to call on when the mains power cannot


Peak-valley arbitrage

Using the peak-valley price difference and market transaction price difference to gain profits or reduce the user’s electricity expenses, to achieve the purpose of calming the user’s own electricity load difference and narrowing the power grid peak-valley difference.

Dynamic capacity expansion

BESS is used to achieve dynamic capacity expansion, to solve the user’s increased excess power demand in the later period, to avoid spending a lot of money for transformer and line expansion.

Demand response

By accepting the dispatching of the power grid, using BESS to change the load curve of the user, the power grid will give a certain compensation cost, or rely on the peak-valley price difference to obtain benefits.

Demand electric charge management

Large industrial customers charge electricity for transformers, and whether it is charged according to the capacity of the transformer, or according to the maximum load, can not meet the user’s peak and valley power load characteristics, the use of BESS can do peak shaving and valley filled, improve this situation, and reduce demand electric charge.

UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply)

UPS uses supercapacitors in place of lead-acid batteries to provide a short duration runtime and backup period of 1 to 60 seconds. Supercapacitors provide uninterruptible power supplies with an effective stored energy resource to call on when the mains power fails intermittently

AMR (Automatic Meter Record)

The adoption of smart meters has enabled utility companies to read the information remotely, providing near real-time data and removing the need for meter readers.

Water and gas meters are either too expensive or not safe to wire to mains power, so use a battery to power the meter and data transmission.

The very long-life high-energy batteries used cannot deliver the peak power for data transmission. The supercapacitor’s excellent power density complements the battery, providing the peak power required for wireless data transmission.

AMR solutions are widely applied to electricity, gas, and water meter recording with the outstanding benefit of the supercapacitor, which service life can last up to 10~15 years.

Medical Devices

Supercapacitors are used in a variety of patient monitoring applications and can be used as a supplemental power source and a short-term backup power source. Meanwhile, supercapacitors are also suitable for handheld applications including supplemental pulsed power supplies and mains. Supercapacitors meet the power requirements of many handheld devices.

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