Automation is the soul of Manufacturing

Automation, in the context of manufacturing, is the use of equipment to automate systems or production processes. Needless to say, the end goal is to drive greater efficiency by either increasing production capacity or reducing costs, often both. With no doubt, ZTT New Energy conducted automated manufacturing in the early stages.


Zhongtian Energy Storage Co., Ltd. is the first “Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Enterprise” in the industry. The factory has established a fully automatic intelligent production line from ingredients to battery assembly. It carried out digital monitoring of the entire production process and used Big Data to make intelligent analysis and decision-making, which greatly improved production efficiency and ensured product quality. We have become a leader in the field of intelligent manufacturing of high-performance lithium batteries in China.

Electrode Coating and Rolling

To ensure high quality and an evenly sprayed electrode layer, automatic high-speed machines are utilized for the compress-coating electrodes. The easy-operate and highly automated machines are characterized by high precision, high speed, and high stability, the electrode layer can be efficiently hot-rolled at the first run without deformation.

(Automatic machines, Coating and Rolling process)


ZTT New Energy built up an automatic workshop with a dew point temperature set at -60℃ for assembling lead terminal type supercapacitors and snap-in type supercapacitors. The multifunctional machines can be used for punching forms, velveting caps, injecting electrolytes, and sealing the caps. The automatic machines are easy to operate and have a low threshold to access.

(Automatic, Assembly process)

Sleave Coating

After the supercapacitors cylinders are automatically washed and dried, the cylinders are hotly and shrunk with sleaves. Characterized with abilities of visual inspection and self-screening, this sleeve coating machine can perform multifunction including automatic printing, feeding and loading materials, automatic coating and hot shrinking, etc.

(Automatic, Sleave Coating process)

Aging and Sorting

After being electrically charged and aged at high temperatures, supercapacitors are automatically sorted according to different performances. By supporting self-denying sorting criteria, the machine is highly efficient, which can capture detailed data and export records in various formats, it is powerful in computing and analyzing production quality control.

(Automatic, Aging and sorting process)
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