ZTT CE Hydrogen ranked TOP30 in 2023 Hydrogen Energy SRDI Entrepreneurship Competition!

On September 14, 2023 China (Jiaxing) Hydrogen Energy Industry Conference and the final of the 2023 Hydrogen Energy SRDI Entrepreneurship Competition, sponsored by the China Hydrogen Energy Alliance and the National Energy Group and the People’s Government of Jiaxing, Zhejiang, was held in the Zhejiang Yangtze River Delta (Jiaxing) Hydrogen Energy Industry Park. ZTT CE Hydrogen […]

ZTT New Energy 200Ah-1P power battery product is officially released!

Zhongtian Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd. has insight into industry development trends and focuses on customer needs, developing and launch the 1P power 200Ah battery, improving the product layout in the field of 1C energy storage. ZTT54174200 200Ah-1P battery has the characteristics of large capacity, long life, and high safety. It adopts the prismatic aluminum shell and is suitable for related […]

ZTT & Goldwind Technology 600KW/1200KWh Standalone ESS Officially Off the Line

On the morning of August 11th, a significant technological achievement was realized as the inaugural prototype of a 600kW/1200kWh standalone energy storage system, jointly developed by Zhongtian Technology and Goldwind Technology, underwent meticulous assembly, precise calibration, and ceremoniously marked its official debut at Zhongtian Technology’s state-of-the-art Nantong New Energy Industry Park. This accomplishment represents a […]

Mongolia: First Utility-Scale Energy Storage Project

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The First Utility-Scale Energy Storage Project aims to install a large-scale advanced battery energy storage system (BESS) in Mongolia’s Central Energy System (CES) grid. Which is to absorb curtailed renewable energy electricity and smoothen fluctuations caused by the intermittency of renewable energy. Background of the Project The project will expand the system’s capacity to connect […]

ZTT Solar PV Project – Fishery and Photovoltaic Integration

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ZTT Solar PV Project – Power generation on water, fish farming underwater. ZTT Solar PV Technology has brought this highly efficient and environmentally friendly technology to Rudong, Jiangsu Province. The “fishery and photovoltaic integration” refers to the way solar panels are installed on the water in fish ponds and fish and shrimp are farmed underwater. This not only achieves […]

What Range of Supercapacitors can you Find in ZTT?

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What range of supercapacitors does ZTT have? ZTT Supercapacitor exhibits large power density, fast charge & discharge capability, and long cycle stability. These characteristics find applications in transportation, energy and utilities, aerospace, military, electronics, industrial, and medical fields. Classic Snap-in Supercapacitor ZTT Supercapacitor classic supercapacitor 2.7V360F / 3.0V360F snap-in type terminals. Also available in 100F, 120F, 160F, […]

ZTT Battery Energy Storage System – Grid Side BESS

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ZTT started on Optical Fiber Communications in 1992, accessed Smart Grid in 2002, and commenced work on the Renewable Energy field in 2012. With over 30 years of sustainable innovation, ZTT helps make a wide variety of products across industries. Ever since it first started developing the Lithium-ion battery and BESS, ZTT has expanded a […]

Why Lithium-ion Capacitor?

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Lithium-ion Capacitor (LiC) is a new energy storage device that combines supercapacitor and lithium-ion battery technologies. Here at ZTT Supercapacitor, we’d like to list several applications of LiC for your reference.

ZTT Intelligent Warehousing Solutions

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Zhongtian Huayu, a branch company of ZTT Group, focuses on providing solutions for intelligent warehousing and logistics-related equipment and software for the whole factory. Its products cover various types of logistics hardware equipment, such as storage and retrieval machines, cranes, hoists, conveyors, and other supporting software systems. And provide customers with tailor-made engineering solutions from preliminary demand research […]

ZTT Supercapacitor Modules: Find Typical Applications

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Supercapacitors store more energy than ordinary capacitors by creating a very thin, “double layer” of charge between two plates. Here in ZTT Supercapacitor, they are made from porous, typically carbon-based materials soaked in an electrolyte. Then, we can find some typical applications using supercapacitor modules. 5.5V / 6.0V 80F Supercapacitor Modules Centralized meter reading for […]

2.7V100F ZTT Supercapacitor – Points Need to Highlight

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2.7V100F supercapacitor cell, snap-in terminal type, which belongs to ZTT Supercap Standard Superb-S Series. In addition, ZTT Supercapacitor has different categories regarding various technical requirements: low ESR, high voltage, ultra high/ low temperature, etc… 2.7V100F Applications As one of ZTT Supercapacitor’s main products, 2.7V 100F has its typical applications as follows All the supercapacitors (cells & modules) manufactured by ZTT Supercapacitor are certified […]

How Useful Are Supercapacitors In Fault Indicators?

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The fault indicator installed on the transmission and distribution lines, power cables, and switch cabinet inlet and outlet lines plays a very important role in the current flow line. Once the line fails, the line patrol personnel can use the alarm display of the indicator light to quickly determine The location of the fault, so […]

ZTT Supercapacitor 5.5V Modules Applications

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Supercapacitors efficiently provide stored energy for an uninterruptible power supply that can be retrieved during a primary power supply failure. ZTT Supercapacitor 5.5V modules find applications in Smart Water Meters and Backup Power Supplies for Car Records. 5.5V Modules in Smart Meters It’s predicted that smart water meters will reach 1.2 billion by 2022, surpassing […]

ZTT Supercapacitors Find Applications in Smart Meters

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Supercapacitors are a relatively new energy storage system that provides higher energy density than dielectric capacitors and higher power density than batteries. The adoption of smart meters has enabled utility companies to read the information remotely, providing near real-time data and removing the need for meter readers. Here we list several types of ZTT supercapacitors for […]

Supercapacitors: Fast Charge and Discharge?

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Supercapacitors differ from batteries mainly due to their fast charge and discharge. We, at ZTT Supercapacitor, often receive requests regarding supercapacitors from various areas and countries. However, it seems there is some misunderstanding between supercapacitors and lithium batteries. What is a Supercapacitor? Supercapacitors are also sometimes known as supercaps, ultracapacitors, or electric double-layer capacitors. In […]

Application of Through-cell Aluminum Foam in Solid-state Batteries

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What do you know about the applications of aluminum foam in solid-state batteries? At present, the electrodes used in solid-state batteries are usually thin-film electrodes with aluminum foil as the current collector, and the loading capacity is only 1~3 mg/cm2, which is very limited to improve the energy density of the battery. About Aluminum Foam […]

Through-cell Ultra-light Aluminum Foam

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Through-cell ultra-light aluminum foam is an aluminum material with high porosity and high-strength three-dimensional through-cell structure. This cut-edge high technology can now only be mastered by several companies around the world, ZTT Supercap is honored to be one of these companies. The research and development process of through-cell aluminum foam overcame many difficulties and achieved the coordinated […]

Self-discharge Mechanism of ZTT Supercap

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What do you know about the self-discharge mechanism of the ZTT supercapacitor? It mainly includes three categories: leakage current, Faraday reaction, and charge redistribution. First of all, there are two main causes of leakage current: The parasitic reaction between electrolyte and electrode material; Internal short circuit caused during supercapacitor assembly. Secondly, the Faraday reaction is […]

ZTT Ultracapacitor – Assembling Procedure

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ZTT ultracapacitor or supercapacitor is an ultra-high capacitance device with outstanding quality. In addition, this utilizes an electric double layer capacitor (EDLC) and uses new, high-performance materials to combine and assemble. Then, do you know how to assemble the supercapacitor? Here we would like to list the procedures of assembling for your references. ZTT Ultracapacitor […]

Supercapacitor – Aging and Sorting

What do you know about the supercapacitor aging and sorting procedure? To ensure the reliability of supercapacitors, the manufacturers must use the methods to sort according to different performances. Firstly, automation, in the context of manufacturing, is the use of equipment to automate systems or production processes. Needless to say, the end goal is to […]