Digitalization is Rocket Fuel for Advancement

Some point to the fact that digitalization is the key to modernization. While facing the disruption of COVID-19, manufacturers, large and small, realized their existing systems lacked the flexibility, speed, and transparency to adapt. In that light, it’s no surprise that companies speed up their digital transformation programs by months and years. That’s the point that ZTT New Energy came back to one essential truth: Digitalization is the Rocket Fuel for the company’s expansion.


ZTT battery workshop embodies the refined intelligent manufacturing level. With unique MES system, we realizes the high consistency of lithium battery products in the production process, ensuring the product capacity, voltage, internal resistance and cycle, etc. are at the leading level in the industry. At the same time, combined with the research of systematic allocation schemes, the long-term stability of the battery pack is guaranteed.

Industrial Internet

ZTT New Energy adopts industrial Ethernet, industrial wireless, and other technologies to set different levels of access strategies to ensure stable and efficient data transmission. Through which to realize the interconnection of production equipment, instrumentation, control systems, management systems, and other elements. Consequently, build a facility to support equipment monitoring automation in the factory.

(ZTT New Energy Industrial Internet)

Cloud-based Data Center

Fully considering network redundancy, ZTT New Energy carries out different access level strategies to ensure stable & efficient data transmission. For instance, divided into three-level high-speed transmission networks: Factory, Workshop, Site.

(Data center)

Fieldbus Technology is used to interconnect the equipment. By means of monitoring and controlling on the same platform through the man-machine interface, so as to realize the full networking of key equipment.

(Monitoring & controlling interface)

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