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At our core, we specialize in delivering unmatched pre-project consulting and engineering design services tailored to new power plants, transmission lines, and substation ventures. Our expertise spans the entire spectrum, enabling us to meticulously guide you through the intricate phases of project inception. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we stand as a reliable partner in your journey towards realizing cutting-edge energy solutions. Collaborating seamlessly with you, we ensure that each project is underpinned by innovation, efficiency, and a deep understanding of industry dynamics. From initial consultations to the final design deliverables, we are dedicated to propelling your projects towards success.

Completed Solutions Provider

Project Development​

Solar and on-site assessment
Feasibility study and preliminary design
Financial model evaluation
Financing risk analysis
Grid connection approval and
other supporting documents preparation

Engineering & Construction

Construction scheme optimization
Equipment procurement
Organization and management of construction
Commissioning and set-up at the site
Quality acceptance test
Engineering handover

O & M​

Overall Trusteeship
In time monitoring
Preventive and periodic checking
Intelligent improvement
Call-type checking, repair, and maintenance
Post-evaluation and improvement

Reliable EPC Capability

We are able to provide pre-project consulting and engineering design for new power plants and transmission and substation projects from 110 kV and below.

Installations Types

  • Large scale, centralised, high efficiency
  • Cost saving and convenient for O&M
  • High power quality, less impact on grid
  • Direct connection to the user’s bus, low transmission loss
  • Independent and stable
  • Low installation cost
  • Direct connection to the user’s bus, low transmission loss
  • Independent and stable
  • Remote and island area

EPC Technical Capability


Technical Staff

Covering various professions such as primary substation, secondary substation, line electrical, line structure, civil construction and etc..

  • Light resources and site assessment
  • Feasibility Study Report
  • Project costing, economic benefit assessment
  • Funding channels and risk analysis
  • Supporting documentation such as documentation and access approvals
  • Construction drawing design


Management Capability

The Helios Intelligent Energy Management System

Has been developed to support digital O&M services and provide intelligent O&M solutions.

Industry-leading features
  • Electrical performance monitoring
  • Automatic fault patrol
  • Equipment lifecycle management

Project Financing

Proposal Type
  • Buyer’s Commercial Credit
  • Co-investidor Sonelgaz – ZTT

Operation and Maintenance Installation

  • Experienced O&M team

  • Advanced cloud platform, strong self-learning intelligent process
  • Strong big data analytics capability
  • Lower cost of ownership

Mounting System

PV Solar Cable

Lithium Battery

Mounting System

Solar Farm Products

Reference: 3GW
  • Ground Type

  • Color Steel Tile Rooftop

    Axis Tracking Type

Certificate CPVT

PV Solar Cable

Solar Farm Products

  • 56 PV Stations, total 1.5GW


Lithium Battery

Process Cycle

Energy Storage System

Certifications in Lithium Battery

Our certifications are our achievement in delivering quality products and services.

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