Is It Possible to Form ESS with Supercapacitor and Battery?

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ESS Supercapacitor Battery – Supercapacitors are increasingly used as an energy storage system (ESS) in various applications, including renewable energy systems, electric vehicles, and consumer electronics. The main advantages of supercapacitors such as ESS are their high power density, rapid charge/discharge capability, long cycle life, high efficiency, and low maintenance requirement.

2.7V100F ZTT Supercapacitor

Renewable Energy Systems

ESS Supercapacitor Battery – Supercapacitors can be used with batteries or fuel cells to provide a reliable and efficient energy storage system for renewable energy sources like solar and wind power. Since these sources of energy are intermittent, supercapacitors can absorb and release energy quickly to compensate for variations in power supply. By doing so, supercapacitors can help to stabilize the power grid and reduce the need for backup power sources.

Electric Vehicles

Supercapacitors are a popular choice for electric vehicle manufacturers due to their high power density and fast charging ability. They can quickly absorb energy from regenerative braking and release it during acceleration, providing a smoother and more efficient driving experience. Supercapacitors can also for hybrid vehicles, which work with batteries to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

Consumer Electronics

Supercapacitors can also for small-scale consumer electronics like smartphones and laptops. They are often to provide short bursts of power to components like cameras, flashlights, and LED screens. Supercapacitors can also help to extend the battery life of these devices by reducing the load on the battery.

Here at ZTT, we started on Optical Fiber Communications in 1992, accessed Smart Grid in 2002, and commenced work on the Renewable Energy field in 2012. Ever since it first started developing the Lithium-ion battery and BESS, ZTT has expanded a new era of focusing on power delivery and optimizing energy storage to achieve a sustainable society.

Additionally, ZTT Supercapacitor manufactures cells and modules for various applications. Moreover, we are finding a cost-effective solution to form ESS with supercapacitors and batteries to provide a more stable and long-life cycle for an energy storage system.


ZTT supercapacitors are high-reliability, high-power, ultra-high capacitance devices that are ideal for energy storage systems.

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