Top 500 Global New Energy Enterprises Ranking Released-ZTT Consecutively on the List

On September 6, during the 2023 Taiyuan Energy Low Carbon Development Forum, the “2023 Global New Energy Enterprise Competitiveness Report” and the “2023 Top 500 Global New Energy Enterprise Ranking” were released. ZTT relied on its outstanding performance in the new energy field, ranking 89th on the list, which is also the eighth consecutive time listed.

In recent years, ZTT has been intensively cultivating new energy fields such as offshore wind power, energy storage, and photovoltaics, and has continuously made new breakthroughs, new progress, and new achievements. Layout the hydrogen energy industry chain, and commit to the development of key technologies for hydrogen production and hydrogen use from renewable energy. Anchor the goal of “Carbon Peak Carbon Neutrality”, ZTT develops clean energy and energy digitalization, and contributes to the sustainable development of the new energy industry.

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