ZTT New Energy Participated in ESIE2023

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ZTT New Energy participated in ESIE2023 from 7-9 April. The 11th Energy Storage International Summit & Exhibition (ESIE2023) was officially opened on 7 April at the Shougang Convention & Exhibition Center in Beijing.

ZTT Booth Site

ZTT New Energy divided this booth into energy storage system containers, backup power modules, large energy storage modules, and other areas.

  • 105Ah/210Ah lithium iron phosphate battery cells
  • E21020-1P1 large energy storage module
  • 48V50Ah backup power module components
  • large energy storage system project simulation sandbox

The whole series of products are suitable for industrial and commercial all-scene multi-purpose.

These include the MUSE M5 outdoor liquid-cooled energy storage cabinet. Which is a single product designed with greener, more efficient, safer, more convenient, and more flexible.


ZTT Presentations at ESIE2023

At 14:00 on 7 April, Tan Qingwu, chief engineer of ZTT Energy Storage Technology, gave a speech. The topic was “Development Opportunities and Solutions for New Energy Storage under the Double Carbon Track”. After the speech, he answered questions from Xinhua reporters.

Tan Qingwu suggested that medium- and long-term energy storage technology will be the first to have a commercial model in the future. And further analyzed the development trend, opportunities, and challenges of the energy storage industry.


Insist on technological innovation and respond to green double carbon. ZTT New Energy will continue to move forward with the industry and witness the development and future of energy storage.

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About ZTT New Energy

ZTT started on Optical Fiber Communications in 1992, accessed Smart Grid in 2002, and commenced work on the Renewable Energy field in 2012. With over 30 years of sustainable innovation, ZTT helps make a wide variety of products across industries. Ever since it first started developing the Lithium-ion battery and BESS, ZTT has expanded a new era of focusing on power delivery and energy storage optimization.

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