ZTT Supercap Presented at National Industrial Event

The two-day conference focused on discussing and researching related issues such as the development of the supercapacitor industry and the localization of key materials.
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On May 15, ZTT presented and sponsored the 2021 Supercapacitor Industry Annual Meeting and Key Materials Localization Promotion Seminar. Relevant leaders from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Jiangsu Province, and local governments came to the scene.

Gao Bo, secretary-general of the Supercapacitor Industry Alliance, made an opening introduction. Zhang Gang, General Manager of ZTT Supercapacitor, hosted the meeting. Together with Xu Bin, Deputy Dean of School of Materials Science and Engineering, Beijing University of Chemical Technology.

The two-day conference focused on discussing and researching related issues. For instance, the development of the supercapacitor industry and the localization of key materials. A total of nearly 100 industrial applications, academic technologies, and international and domestic reports will be arranged. In particular, authoritative experts and scientific research institutes in the field of supercapacitors at home and abroad will be invited. Representatives of institutes, universities, and enterprises will make keynote reports.

(Mr. Yang Yusheng, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering)

Supercapacitor Key Materials

Academician Yang Yusheng pointed out that renewable energy is a basic measure to achieve the “dual carbon strategic goal”. As a high-power, ultra-long-life energy storage device, supercapacitors may play a role in its important role. He also expressed his views on the production management and quality of supercapacitor materials. Also, the development of new varieties, the harmlessness of electrolytes, and new opportunities for “fast charging”.

As a group complies with the “clean and low-carbon”, ZTT has laid out the field of supercapacitors in advance. Cooperating with Tsinghua University to develop new supercapacitors and key materials. And is to solve the problem of “stuck neck” within the industry. Obtained more than ten national invention patents.

At the product promotion meeting, Dr. Zhang Gang, General Manager of ZTT Supercapacitor introduced the performance, advantages, and application scenarios of several supercapacitors. Meanwhile, ZTT developed and produced modules and through-hole aluminum foam products. At present, ZTT Supercapacitor has established a domestic advanced supercapacitor production line. Together with an international first foam aluminum batch production line.

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