ZTT Supercapacitors are Available on the Verical Online Platform

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ZTT Supercapacitors are available on Verical, an Arrow Company.

Verical, the world’s largest and fastest-growing electronic components marketplace helps customers quickly and efficiently find the electronic components they need at competitive prices.

Products listed on Verical

  • 2.7V 5F Radial Terminal Type
  • 2.7V 10F Radial Terminal Type
  • 2.7V 100F Radial Terminal Type
  • 2.7V 360F Snap-in Terminal Type
  • 2.7V 500F Snap-in Terminal Type
  • 3.0V 5F Radial Terminal Type
  • 3.0V 100F Radial Terminal Type
  • 3.0V 360F Snap-in Terminal Type
  • 3.0V 720F Snap-in Terminal Type
  • 5.5V 0.5F Module Radial Terminal Type
  • 5.5V 1F Module Radial Terminal Type
  • 5.5V 1.5F Module Radial Terminal Type
  • 5.5V 2.5F Module Radial Terminal Type
2.7V100F ZTT Supercapacitor

Click here to order ZTT Supercapacitors on Verical.

Please refer to ZTT Supercapacitor’s website for more product details. Or send the requests directly via e-mail: sales@zttnewenergy.com

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