Supercapacitor – Aging and Sorting

What do you know about the supercapacitor aging and sorting procedure? To ensure the reliability of supercapacitors, the manufacturers must use the methods to sort according to different performances.

Firstly, automation, in the context of manufacturing, is the use of equipment to automate systems or production processes. Needless to say, the end goal is to drive greater efficiency by either increasing production capacity or reducing costs, often both. With no doubt, ZTT Supercapacitor conducted automated manufacturing in the early stages.

Here we would like to briefly introduce ZTT supercap’s aging and sorting procedure for your reference.

Supercapacitor Aging and Sorting Equipment

Snap-in Supercapacitor Aging and Sorting Machine

(ZTT Supercap aging & sorting machine)

Functional Operation

After being coated with sleeves, snap-in type supercapacitors will be electrically charged and aged at high temperatures. After that will automatically sort according to different performances. By supporting self-denying sorting criteria, the machine is highly efficient. Which requires less manpower input while can capture detailed data and exporting records in various formats. Thus, it is powerful in computing and analyzing production quality.

(ZTT Supercap – High-V Series)

All in all, automation is the soul of manufacturing. If you want to know more about the production procedures, please refer to High-tech & Sustainable page. Or send the detailed request directly via E-mail:

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