Through-cell Ultra-light Aluminum Foam

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Through-cell ultra-light aluminum foam is an aluminum material with high porosity and high-strength three-dimensional through-cell structure. This cut-edge high technology can now only be mastered by several companies around the world, ZTT Supercap is honored to be one of these companies.

The research and development process of through-cell aluminum foam overcame many difficulties and achieved the coordinated control of many indicators such as areal density, porosity, tensile strength, product flexibility, etc., and the comprehensive performance indicators are superior.

About Aluminum Foam

Through-cell aluminum foam is widely used in the fields of electrochemical energy storage and metal processing technology thanks to its advantages of lightweight and large contact area.

Compared with the traditional foamed metal (foamed copper, foamed nickel), the new foamed aluminum current collector material has a higher voltage window, good flexibility, high cleanliness, and good carbon loading. Various electrode materials can be accommodated inside to form a unique electrode-current collector structure. It can be applied to various electrochemical storage systems such as supercapacitors, lithium-ion capacitors/batteries (positive electrodes), lithium-ion batteries (positive electrodes), solid-state batteries, flexible devices, etc., and has good electrical and thermal conductivity, hence the levels of power and safety can be improved accordingly.

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for "Aluminum Foam"

(ZTT Supercapacitor through-cell ultra-light aluminum foam)

As one of the top ten most promising new materials in the future, it not only has outstanding performance in the field of electrochemistry but also is very popular in the catalytic carrier, building damping, heat conduction, heat dissipation, aerospace industry, etc.

Product Performance Parameters

ZTT Supercapacitor Through-cell Ultra-light Aluminum Foam
Aperture size0.25-0.4mm
Through Porosity>95%
Tensile Strength0.6±0.1MPa

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