ZTT & Goldwind Technology 600KW/1200KWh Standalone ESS Officially Off the Line

On the morning of August 11th, a significant technological achievement was realized as the inaugural prototype of a 600kW/1200kWh standalone energy storage system, jointly developed by Zhongtian Technology and Goldwind Technology, underwent meticulous assembly, precise calibration, and ceremoniously marked its official debut at Zhongtian Technology’s state-of-the-art Nantong New Energy Industry Park.

This accomplishment represents a pivotal juncture in the ongoing collaborative synergy between the two pioneering entities, adding another noteworthy chapter to their history of successful partnerships spanning domains such as wind energy cables, offshore wind turbine installation, and comprehensive operational frameworks. The fusion of wind energy and advanced energy storage technologies epitomizes a critical enabler in augmenting the harmonious grid integration of modern renewable energy resources. In this joint endeavor, Zhongtian Technology and Goldwind Technology have harnessed cutting-edge 2000V DC high-voltage safeguarding protocols, intricately intertwined with Zhongtian Technology’s in-house developed wind-storage harmonizing local controller and a resilient high-voltage platform energy storage framework. The culmination of an exhaustive series of joint validation assessments and rigorous operational trials executed within the confines of Zhongtian Technology’s New Energy Full Voltage Energy Storage System Testing Platform heralds the institutionalization of Zhongtian and Goldwind’s autonomous largescale production capabilities in this pioneering realm.

Guided by an unwavering commitment to the advancement of sustainable green energy, Zhongtian Technology has consistently championed the cause of environmental preservation and enhancement, remaining steadfast in its fulfillment of societal obligations. The corporation is fervently leveraging the transformative potential of the burgeoning new energy sector in orchestrating optimal energy matrices and fostering the evolution of an ecologically conscious civilization. Materializing its strategic blueprint for enduring ecological progress, the company has spearheaded strategic investments in a vanguard domestic research and development nucleus specializing in lithium-ion battery technologies, supercapacitor innovations, and hydrogen fuel cells, thereby constituting a bedrock for the seamless incubation of nascent energy storage paradigms.

Goldwind Technology, fortified by a legacy of three decades characterized by unwavering commitment to meticulous quality control principles and a sustainable supply chain framework, remains steadfastly devoted to fostering the confluence of inventive ideation, holistic design paradigms, and precision manufacturing through a globally orchestrated research and development apparatus. A potent amalgamation of renewable energy and digital dexterity has propelled Goldwind Technology’s multifaceted endeavors to coalesce renewable energy assets with cutting-edge digital architectures, underscoring the dynamic generation, seamless transmission, intelligent storage, and optimized consumption of energy resources. Through an unprecedentedly innovative asset management approach, Goldwind is at the vanguard of catalyzing the ascendancy of a cognitively astute, impeccably reliable, economically viable, and perpetually sustainable energy ecosystem that aligns seamlessly with the trajectory of a future-oriented energy internet, synergistically contributing to the realization of carbon neutrality ambitions.

Dignitaries and luminaries including Vice President Liu Lijun of Zhongtian Technology’s New Energy Industry Group, and Mr. Lv Liangnian, the astute helmsman presiding over Goldwind Technology’s Generation, Transmission, Storage, and Consumption Business Division, graced the occasion with their presence, further amplifying the significance of this epoch-defining ceremony.

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