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Zhongtian Huayu, a branch company of ZTT Group, focuses on providing solutions for intelligent warehousing and logistics-related equipment and software for the whole factory. Its products cover various types of logistics hardware equipment, such as storage and retrieval machines, cranes, hoists, conveyors, and other supporting software systems. And provide customers with tailor-made engineering solutions from preliminary demand research and program planning to design and processing, installation and commissioning, and after-sales service. ZTT Supercapacitor also benefits from this intelligent solution.

(Stacker) Technical Specifications
CategorySingle and Double Reach / Single and Double Column / Single and Double Station / Curved Rail Stacker
Rated load5kg-8000kg
Travel speed max.Payload300/min
Acceleration speed0.5-1.0m/s²
Lifting speedPayload40-60m/min
Acceleration speed0.5-1.0m/s²
Fork telescoping speedPayload30-60m/min
Acceleration speed0.5-1.0m/s²
Horizontal lift positioning accuracy±5mm
Vertical lift positioning accuracy±3mm
Fork extension positioning accuracy±3mm
(AGV) Technical Specifications
CategorySingle and double station/ring shuttle
Travel speed max.120-240m/min
Acceleration speed0.5-1.0m/s²
Positioning methodLaser / Barcode positioning
Communication methodWireless / Far infrared
Positioning accuracy±3mm
Track shape materialAluminum double track
Shuttle payload5kg-8000kg

Pallet Storage Solutions

Application scenario: applicable to the storage and transportation of standard pallet storage materials (Kawasaki grid pallet, plastic pallet optimal); general load 0.5-6T/pan, material pallets have errors in the case of the use of child and mother tow or improve the shelf way to achieve.

Application products: the broadest range of applications, widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, textile, photovoltaic, new energy, agriculture, etc., with warehouse heights up to 40 m.

General Machinery (Changzhou, Jiangsu)
Chemical and Chemical Fibre (Nantong, Jiangsu)

Containerized Storage Solutions

Application scenario: Suitable for product quality up to 200kg storage and logistics transport, can also be used for products with different specifications but can be stored in standard containers, as well as frequent in and out of storage scenarios.

Application products: new energy lithium batteries, electric meters, mutual inductors, wires and cables, hardware, electronic products, etc.

3C Semiconductor (Wuxi, Jiangsu)
New Energy Lithium (Nantong, Jiangsu)

Four-way Truck Vertical Storage Solutions

Application scenarios: Suitable for scenarios where large quantities of storage are required and efficiency requirements are relatively low, allowing sufficient time for stocktaking; or for scenarios where irregular warehouses are used, especially where the warehouse height is insufficient or the warehouse depth is short or non-rectangular; for intensive storage of small materials, a light conveyor sortation system can be used with a carousel warehouse; the warehouse height is generally less than 10 meters.

Application products: Widely used in food, beverage, grain and oil, hospital, hardware parts storage, and other industries.

Chemical (Jiaxing, Zhejiang)

AGV Logistics Solutions

Application scenario: It can realize the interactive information exchange and seamless automatic docking between various systems of factory information. Making the material information of the whole factory system pass up and down, realizing the unification of enterprise production logistics and information flow. Also, improving the accuracy, timeliness, and effectiveness of logistics distribution and production efficiency. Break and change the lengthy and disorderly protocols of human operation in the original logistics system. Most importantly, to reduce labor costs, and strengthen logistics rationality and targeting.

Application products: generally applied to warehouse material turnover, production workshop logistics handling, and handling of flammable and explosive substances as well as corrosive substances, etc.

Chemical and Chemical Fibre (Nantong, Jiangsu)
Moulds (Suzhou, Jiangsu)

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