ZTT New Energy 200Ah-1P power battery product is officially released!

Zhongtian Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd. has insight into industry development trends and focuses on customer needs, developing and launch the 1P power 200Ah battery, improving the product layout in the field of 1C energy storage. ZTT54174200 200Ah-1P battery has the characteristics of large capacity, long life, and high safety. It adopts the prismatic aluminum shell and is suitable for related modules and energy storage systems.

Main technology

  • High energy efficiency: 1P energy efficiency is greater than 95%

The dual-conductance cathode design using ion conductivity coating and three-dimensional electronic conductivity network, combined with the multi-polar porous electrode solution of composite coating structure, comprehensively reduces the ion migration impedance during charge and discharge processes and improves the energy efficiency of the product.

  • High power and long life: 1P cycle life is more than 8000 times

The low-OI single-particle and coated secondary particle dual-function negative electrode composite solution is formulated to improve the structural stability of the ion-extraction material, and the design of centralized Li+ storage and additive supplementation is adopted to maintain the Li+ equilibrium state of the system, quickly repair SEI defects, and improve cycle stability

  • High security: On the basis of safety and reliability, High Energy Density, High Energy Efficiency

Develop solvating additives to gradually form a quasi-solid Li+ conductivity field during product operation, effectively eliminating safety hazards of lithium dendrites. At the same time, shell passivation and insulating coating processing technologies are used to form high-temperature corrosion-resistant insulating coatings to enhance high-voltage energy storage system safety protection, comprehensively improve the safety performance of battery products.

Main performance

Nominal capacity 200Ah

1P energy efficiency up to 95%

Effective cycle life reaches 8,000 times

Can meet the requirements of safety standards related to energy storage and power

1P charging and discharging temperature rise can be controlled by 10℃

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