ZTT Supercapacitor Modules: Find Typical Applications

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Supercapacitors store more energy than ordinary capacitors by creating a very thin, “double layer” of charge between two plates. Here in ZTT Supercapacitor, they are made from porous, typically carbon-based materials soaked in an electrolyte. Then, we can find some typical applications using supercapacitor modules.

5.5V / 6.0V 80F Supercapacitor Modules

Centralized meter reading for the electricity network is becoming a trend, keeping track of energy expenditures such as water, electricity, gas, and heat, reducing the cost of energy expenditure, and enabling the transformation of factories, enterprises, and shopping malls.

As necessary equipment in the centralized meter reading system, the concentrator and collector must operate independently for 3 minutes after a power failure to ensure stable communication.

ZTT Supercapacitor 5.5V80F/6.0V80F module is for the backup power supply for the concentrator and collector, which can guarantee the pulse current required for communication and does not have the problem that the life of conventional batteries decreases rapidly in the outdoor environment, making it difficult to meet the service life of the concentrator.

15V 100F Supercapacitor Modules

ZTT Supercapacitor 15V100F module is specially used for automotive start-stop auxiliary power supply, with the following features.

  • Wide temperature range: -40℃~70℃, especially excellent low-temperature performance.
  • Good instantaneous power characteristics: It can do large current discharge instantly.

When the temperature is low, it is difficult for the battery to discharge high current instantly. Especially in the north, when the temperature is below -20℃, it is difficult for the battery to provide the high current needed to start the car, so the supercapacitor can meet the demand of this application.


ZTT supercapacitors are high-reliability, high-power, ultra-high capacitance energy storage devices that are ideal for smart metering and backup power supply.

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