ZTT Supercapacitors Find Applications in Smart Meters

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Supercapacitors are a relatively new energy storage system that provides higher energy density than dielectric capacitors and higher power density than batteries. The adoption of smart meters has enabled utility companies to read the information remotely, providing near real-time data and removing the need for meter readers.

Here we list several types of ZTT supercapacitors for smart metering applications based on the requests from our clients of various industries.

2.7V 40F EDLC

ZTT Supercapacitor 2.7V 40F EDLC is mainly for electric, gas, and water smart meters to provide peak power for wireless data transmission.

Radial-type Lithium-ion capacitor

This LiC product is a radial cell with a parallel electric double-layer capacitor and lithium-ion battery. It consists of two electrodes, an insulation separator, and an electrolyte filled in the cell. Rubber stoppers are used to seal the aluminum case, with two radial located on the top.

5.5V 1.5F 2-in Supercapacitor

The 2-in supercapacitor is for smart meters which can perfectly match the extreme temperature (-40℃ to 85℃) and high humidity environments.

With up to 15 years of maintenance-free power supply, supercapacitors complement the lithium battery providing the peak power needed for wireless data transmission. This enables utility companies to access real-time data remotely and remove the need for meter readers.

5.5V Coin Type for Smart Meters

ZTT Supercapacitor 5.5V coin type series are for smart metering, bicycle tail & front lights power, etc…

  • Small size, high space utilization
  • High voltage, high-temperature resistance (-40~70), moisture resistance
  • Suitable for high space requirements, sensitive to weight, large voltage, and significant temperature difference. And high-humidity scene is also ideal for a portable device


ZTT supercapacitors are high-reliability, high-power, ultra-high capacitance energy storage devices that are ideal for smart metering.

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