ZTT Ultracapacitor – Assembling Procedure

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ZTT ultracapacitor or supercapacitor is an ultra-high capacitance device with outstanding quality. In addition, this utilizes an electric double layer capacitor (EDLC) and uses new, high-performance materials to combine and assemble.

Then, do you know how to assemble the supercapacitor? Here we would like to list the procedures of assembling for your references.

ZTT Ultracapacitor Assembling Equipment

Snap-in Supercapacitor Electrolyte Injection and Assembling Machine

(ZTT Supercap assembling machine)

Functional Operation

Based on the automatic workshop with a dew point temperature of -60℃, ZTT assembles its lead terminal and snap-in types of supercapacitors.

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for "ztt ultracapacitor"

(ZTT High-T 2.7V Radial Series)

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for "ztt ultracapacitor"

(ZTT Superb-L 2.7V Snap-in Series)

The multifunctional machines can punch forms, rivet caps, inject electrolytes, and seal the caps. Moreover, the automatic machines are easy to operate and have a low threshold to access. Furthermore, the machine productivity reaches 7 pieces per minute.

For the most part, automation is the soul of manufacturing. If you want to know more about the production procedures, please refer to High-tech & Sustainable page. Or send the detailed request directly via E-mail: sales@zttnewenergy.com

About ZTT

ZTT started on Optical Fiber Communications in 1992, with access to Smart Grid in 2002. And commenced work in the Renewable Energy field in 2011. Now spans the globe with sales & service networks in dozens of locations. With over 30 years of sustainable innovation, ZTT helps make a wide variety of products across industries. For instance, telecom communication, power transmission, marine & offshore, renewable energy, etc… Ever since it first started developing the supercapacitor in 2015, ZTT has expanded a new era of focusing on power delivery and optimizing energy storage to achieve Carbon Emission Peak and Carbon Neutrality.

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