New Energy

Discover an array of products designed to deliver excellent performance while reducing environmental impact. Our offerings range from advanced Battery Energy Storage Systems and Lithium-ion batteries to efficient solutions for a variety of applications like Power Grids, Industry and Commerce, Telecom Base Stations, and Consumer Electronics. Each product is a testament to our dedication to research and development, our passion for sustainable solutions, and our unwavering commitment to meeting your needs.

BESS - Battery Energy Storage Systems

Here, you will find detailed information about the different types of BESS we offer, their technical specifications, and how they can contribute to sustainable energy goals. We invite you to explore this section and join us in our commitment to building a future where clean, reliable, and efficient power is accessible to all.



Dive into the world of lithium-ion technology with us, and discover how these compact powerhouses are driving the future of sustainable energy.


Supercapacitors are energy-conversion devices that combine the benefits of batteries, based on electrochemical redox processes, and capacitors, using the physical principles of energy storage.

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