GCL  (10 MWh Lithium Power) Distributed BESS Project (station-type)

At present, the most widely used energy storage business model in China is the arbitrage of peak-valley price difference. However, the peak-valley price difference has great regional limitations, mainly concentrated in Beijing, Jiangsu, Shanghai, etc. These areas have developed economies, many industrial and commercial parks, large power loads, and large peak-valley price differences on the user side, which has a large arbitrage space.

In addition, it also takes into account the dynamic capacity expansion of the power grid, the demand response, and the demand for electricity management. Usually, a system can achieve multi-functions at the same time.

  • The BESS combined with 8 sets of 250kW/1.25 MWh subsystems, total 10 MWh, connected to the grid at 10kV side through the boost transformer.
  • The BESS station is designed with a two-story steel structure, with an HVAC system to ensure system operation temperature.
  • Operation strategy: one charge two discharges
  • The system can effectively relieve the peak power consumption pressure of the power grid in summer and can be an emergency power backup for factory operation.
  • The system converts efficiency reaches 86~90%.

Why chose ZTT New Energy

Based on strong technical capabilities, ZTT New Energy has obtained UL and CE certificates for Lithium-ion battery cells, as well as the RoHS certificate, IATF16949 for supercapacitors. In addition to investing heavily in rechargeable lithium (lithium-ion), ZTT has dominated todays battery market in renewable energy applications that reached an annual design capacity to 3GWh for different kinds of battery cells and its quality objective is zero defects. Moreover, housed in an energy storage system (ESS), these utility-scale batteries enhance grid flexibility, reduce infrastructure investment, and optimize power flows.  



The installed capacity of electric power energy storage of ZTT reached



Reduced CO2 emissions by an average per year



The installed PV capacity reached


million tons

Reduced CO2 emissions by an average per year

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