Discover a range of supercapacitors designed to deliver outstanding performance while reducing your environmental impact.


Standard Ultracapacitor – Applies to the automotive vehicles for the next generation, communication equipment, IoT, and the industrial equipment of the worldwide customers.


Low ESR Ultracapacitor – Provides very low ESR even at low and high temperature. Ideal as a backup power supply for automotive electrical components.


Ultra-low Temperature Ultracapacitor – Ready to combat effects of extreme environments, which can be used at extremely low temperatures -55℃.


High Voltage Ultracapacitor – Higher power and energy densities. Suitable for electricity storage, battery assistance, short-term backups, etc.


Ultracapacitor optimized for wider temperature environments. Supercapacitors are working from -40℃ low temperature to +85℃ high temperature.


Lithium-ion Capacitor (LiC), a hybrid capacitor of lithium-ion battery and EDLC (supercapacitor), which is characterized by high voltage and supreme capacitance in extremely compact diameter and height, ideal alternative for limited space installation.

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