Thinking Green: Implementation on Expansion

There is an increasing urgency to design sustainable practices that can help future generations and our economy endure. ZTT New Energy is taking sustainable steps concerning green design & manufacturing, which is in accordance with the goal to have a carbon emission peak by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. First and foremost, it’s not just about today, it’s about tomorrow too.


Due to increasingly urgent issue of climate change, a consensus on green development is accelerating worldwide. Accelerating the development of green and low-carbon production and lifestyle to achieve sustainable development for human society is more important than ever before. Many organizations, enterprises, households and individuals around the world are working hard for the green development of human society.
ZTT actively practices green environmental protection. In 2022, ZTT became the first enterprise in the industry to release the “Green and Low-carbon Manufacturing (GLCM) Action Plan (2021-2030)”, with the goal of achieving complete replacement of green energy by 2030. We hope to work with all parties to promote the sustainable development of the whole society while creating commercial value for customers.

Reducing Carbon Emissions

Green Design

ZTT helps control green manufacturing from the source by adopting green design methods.

At the stage of product design, according to customer needs and environmental regulations, while guaranteeing the required product functionality, quality and service life, we consider the product’s environmental attributes (such as renewability and recyclability), integrate green design philosophy, and manufacture green and low-carbon products.

Digital simulation design

We use the digital simulation design method to evaluate product performance in advance, rationalize design, and reduce the number of times of sample trial fabrication. The Company has professional digital simulation design software for system design, structural verification, as well as mechanical and electrical performance simulation analysis. For example, we use professional software for mechanical simulation analysis and cable current-carrying capacity simulation design.

Green products (green materials)

We select environmentally friendly and degradable materials before product design, fully consider the product’s service characteristics during design, and manufacture products with lower energy consumption. At the later stage of design, we fully consider the manufacturing process for design transfer, reduce material consumption, and improve the reusability of product design. For example, we use green degradable polypropylene (PP) insulation materials instead of non-degradable cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) insulation materials to produce power cables, design transmission lines with higher conductivity, and consider recycling issues at the design stage of lithium iron phosphate batteries, reducing their negative impact on the environment throughout their life cycle. By the end of 2022, ZTT has created five categories of national green design products accumulatively, helping the industry chain develop in a green and low-carbon manner.

Green Production

Green Processes

In the design of production processes, adopt integrated and intensive & economical production processes, utilize resource-saving production technologies, namely intensive production and economical production, simplify the process flow, select reasonable parameters, optimize process formulas, and reduce energy consumption and materials during production. In 2022, through continuous research and application of green processes, typical cases have been promoted and formed. For example, the research on the integrated process of coloring and sheathing for optical fibers reduces carbon emissions by 566t/year; the optimization of the production process for optical fiber coating heaters reduces carbon emissions by 768t/year; and the optimization of the structural process of ship cables reduces carbon emissions by 1,321t/year.

Equipment energy conservation upgrading

During the entire process of production and manufacturing, various professional production equipment and peripheral support auxiliary equipment are upgraded and transformed for energy conservation, achieving the iterative update of high-energy-consuming facilities in the industrial manufacturing field.
The focus is on promoting energy conservation and low-carbon technologies in the production and manufacturing field, researching the latest energy conservation technology, exploring equipment loss points, and precisely controlling emissions. With the energy conservation technology transformation as the starting point, green production and manufacturing has been implemented, and carbon emissions have been reduced by 35,000 tons in 2022.

Green Lifestyle

Green office

Improve the management system for conservation of energy and resources such as air conditioner, elevator, office lighting, printer, duplicator, daily electrical appliance, etc., and strengthen the management of targets such as energy consumption and water consumption. Adopt green products of energy conservation, water conservation, environmental protection and recycling as office supplies, and promote paperless office.
Prioritize the purchase and use of green products such as energy conservation electrical appliances and water conservation devices to reduce the consumption of life energy resources. Actively practice green lifestyles, conserve water and electricity, do not waste food, and do not use disposable plastic products or tableware. Participate in green public welfare activities such as voluntary tree planting, environmental supervision and environmental protection publicity.

Green transportation

Advocate the use of public transportation means such as subway and bus for travel; advocate cycling, electric bicycle and other means of transportation; open a new energy vehicle special line in the park, and establish green energy charging piles to facilitate green and low-carbon work and life of park employees.

Achievement Awards

Why chose ZTT New Energy

Based on strong technical capabilities, ZTT New Energy has obtained UL and CE certificates for Lithium-ion battery cells, as well as the RoHS certificate, IATF16949 for supercapacitors. In addition to investing heavily in rechargeable lithium (lithium-ion), ZTT has dominated todays battery market in renewable energy applications that reached an annual design capacity to 3GWh for different kinds of battery cells and its quality objective is zero defects. Moreover, housed in an energy storage system (ESS), these utility-scale batteries enhance grid flexibility, reduce infrastructure investment, and optimize power flows.  



The installed capacity of electric power energy storage of ZTT reached



Reduced CO2 emissions by an average per year



The installed PV capacity reached


million tons

Reduced CO2 emissions by an average per year

ESG Management

ZTT highly values effective management of environmental, social and governance, establishing an ESG management system responsible to the Board of Directors, continuously improving ESG management level and performance, taking responsibility for business development, employee rights & benefits, work safety, environmental protection and other relevant performances, guaranteeing solid progress in all work, and helping the Company achieve sustainable development.
For ZTT, investing in the construction of ESG system has become an important issue for the future. Our mission “Connecting Wonderful Life with Optic-Electric Network” is committed to bringing every person, every family and every organization into the beautiful world of optic-electric network.

ESG Management System

The Company fully integrates economic, social and environmental issues into its development strategy and business activities.

It has established a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee management mechanism to translate the Company’s sustainable development philosophy and commitment to stakeholders into concrete actions. By establishing a social responsibility organizational system, the Company clarifies work contents and responsibilities of decision-making, organization and implementation at all levels to ensure the decomposition and implementation of various tasks.

Decision-making level

The members from the Company’s Board of Directors and Board of Supervisors participate in the deliberation and decision-making of major sustainable development issues, including the formulation of relevant strategies and policies.

Organizational level

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee is responsible for coordinating affairs related to sustainable development, including the collection of relevant performance information and communication with investors.

Implementation level

The Company’s functional departments and business departments are responsible for centralized management of various sustainable development issues, carrying out specific social responsibility work and activities, assisting in the collection of social responsibility work situations and key performance indicators.

Green Design is the Lifeblood

3D Simulation

ZTT New Energy used 3D printing technology to provide the first set of trial production solutions. As proved, it can not only speed up the verification of technical solutions but also optimize the material structure.

These are 3D printed products of module shells for backup & start-stop power supply. Through this optimization method, modules can be stacked perfectly. Meanwhile, it is beneficial for heat dissipation, saves installation space, and improves safety performance.

(3D simulation used for printing Cell & Module cover)

Support Environment with Solar Panels

To name a few, ZTT New Energy makes full use of rooftop and idle land resources to develop solar photovoltaic power station projects to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction goals.

At present, the company’s green electricity utilization rate has exceeded 

50 %

(Ground-mounted & Rooftop solar PV system installed in BESS plant)

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(Ground-mounted & Rooftop solar PV system installed in ZTT New Energy plant)

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